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Refractory Coating for Forge Efficiency.

ITC-100 is known for its ability to reduce fuel costs and help your forge reach higher temperatures in a quicker time frame. ITC-100 is also more impervious to flux than Satanite alone and can help prolong the lifetime of your forge lining, though, for a highly flux resistant coating, check out our Bubble Alumina refractory.

A Half Pint will cover up to 6 square feet!

A Quarter Pint will cover up to 3 square feet!

Quarter Pint - $26.95

Half Pint - $41.95

Pint  - $69.95




Refractory Coating for Metals

ITC-213 is used to coat the metal parts in your forge or crucible as well as heating elements in your heat treat ovens. This refractory material will extend the life of burner nozzles and other metal parts subject to high temperatures. Several bladesmiths use this material to coat the interior of their forge body to add an additional layer of refractory coating.

A Half pint will cover up to 15 square feet!

A Quarter pint will cover up to 7.5 square feet!

$69.95 per pint

$42.95 per half pint

$27.95 per quarter pint